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Pretoria, South Africa.- Relations between Cuba and South Africa “have reached a high level, a level of excellence, built on trust, which allows us to address various issues as two excellent friends,” a member of the Political Committee said. Office of the Communist Party of Cuba and Vice President of the Republic Salvador Valdes Mesa, to Comrade Nomvula Mokonyane, Deputy Secretary-General of the African National Congress.

In the context of his stay in South Africa, where he attended the inauguration of President Cyril Ramaphosa, Valdes Mesa exchanged Thursday afternoon with Mokonyane and other members of the National Executive Committee and its Department of International Relations.

The Cuban Vice President conveyed “warm greetings from the historic leadership and continuity of the party and the Cuban government to the leadership of the party and the activists and affiliates of the African National Congress.”

He expressed our country’s gratitude for the constant solidarity of South Africa, and “for the unwavering support of the African National Congress for the struggle of the Cuban people against the blockade in the current critical situation, as a result of the intensification of that policy.”

He highlighted the positive vote of the Republic of South Africa and the interventions of its leaders in the UN General Assembly when a UN resolution is introduced each year to put an end to these genocidal actions by the United States Government; As well as its support for the resolution that is being systematically approved in the African Union against the blockade.

Valdes Mesa also explained to the Deputy Secretary General of the ANC that today international solidarity for Cuba is a mission of great importance to demand our exclusion from the false list of state sponsors of terrorism that the government of the northern country unilaterally and arbitrarily issues.

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He explained that this list not only creates problems for us, but also for the countries with which we have relations, preventing foreign investment, financing and credits… and leads to the United States’ interest in strangling us, and preventing any resources from entering the national resources. province.

picture: Revolution Studies

With our people

Cuban Vice President Salvador Valdes Mesa held a substantive meeting on Thursday morning with the Cuban state mission in South Africa, where he informed his compatriots about the current events in Cuba and the implementation of the country’s various priorities for this year.

Also present were representatives of the cooperation that Cuba is establishing here in the fields of education, health, public works (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa) and water resources, who spoke about the performance and results of cooperation between the Greater Antilles and the Republic of South Africa, which since 1996 has allowed thousands of men and women to Cubans to provide solidarity assistance to their brotherly people.

picture: Revolution Studies

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