Metroid Prime 4: Beyond shows off its beautiful landscapes in a new video

Fans Metroid They had to wait over 7 long years to see it for the first time in action Metroid Prime 4 Beyond. it is expected that Nintendo Little by little, he shared more gameplay of the anticipated game, but spoiled fans with an additional trailer.

Title information dryness detected in 2017 It was very long, but there is already certainty that there is a premiere scheduled 2025. There are still several months until release, but fans don’t have to wait that long to enjoy another trailer offering another look at the game.

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A new trailer shows more Metroid Prime 4: Beyond

In addition to the trailer that Nintendo shared on Nintendo Direct Finally, he put another one on the official page he just launched for the title. Although the site is only in Japanese and does not detail the new adventure of the most beautiful and powerful bounty hunter in video games, it does include a video that allows you to reflect on the game’s scenarios. Metroid Prime 4: Beyond.

Thanks to these new shots, it is possible to see more of the planet where it arrived Samos To face Space pirateswho just broke in Galactic Federation Research Complex in it Cosmic year 20X9.

As you can see in the video 20 secondsThe area still has no official name Lots of plants and abundant waterfalls. It is unknown if Samos You will spend a lot of time here or if the map will be open world, but you can expect that you will not have a good time, as it is possible to see animals that may be hostile.

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And of course, jungle environments Metroid Prime 4: Beyond A far cry from being as detailed as that Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eaterbut it is true that Nintendo It does a feat given the technical capabilities of the old console.

If you missed it: Metroid Prime 4: Beyond It will not reach 1080p.

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond will take the Nintendo Switch’s technical department to the limit

What do you think of the environments? Metroid Prime 4: BeyondAre you happy with its graphic appearance? Tell us in the comments or on Sedition.

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond It is still in development and is expected to debut sometime in 2025. You can find more news related to the franchise by visiting this page.

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