Regional elections held in peace and order in Nicaragua • Workers

Residents of Nicaragua's Caribbean coast (north and south) are celebrating their regional elections on Sunday, a process that is taking place in peace and order, according to local media reports.

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More than 300 voting centers set up for this civic festival opened at 07:00 local time, with around 500,000 people over 16 years old from the two autonomous regions being called to exercise their right to vote.

Residents of the city of Bluefields, the capital of the autonomous region of the southern Caribbean coast, explained to the press that their vote on this day is to comply with the autonomy law, continue development and regain all their rights.

In the city of Beloe on the northern Caribbean coast, the First Secretary of the Board of Directors of the National Assembly (Parliament), Lauria Raquel Dixon, who arrived in that city to exercise her right to vote, highlighted the development of that electoral process.

“Our ancestors, our ancestors, fought to exercise their unique right and this represents our unique rights, our right to decide and elect our own authorities, our own regional authorities,” Dixon commented, as reported by the digital newspaper El 19. .

Other voters interviewed described the process as flexible and smooth thanks to the implementation of technological kiosks, which allow citizens to vote in less time.

The political secretary of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) in Bluefields, about 400 kilometers east of Managua, recently explained to Prensa Latina the importance of these elections.

He added that they feel that this election is special for them, because with them they will elect that group of men and women who will ensure that there is more progress in the region and more projects for the benefit of the people of the Atlantic coast.

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He pointed to the characteristics of these elections with regard to ensuring gender equality, which was approved by the Constitution for the first time for all political parties.

According to the Supreme Electoral Council, for the so-called “Victorious Caribbean Elections 2024”, in which the 180 members of the regional assemblies, including proprietors and alternates, will be elected, 30 constituencies have been formed, 15 in each region.

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