8 “pro” tricks for iPhone users

These iPhone tricks are not known or common at all, they are tricks for “professional” users.

The best “pro” tricks for iPhone users

If you are a long-time iPhone user, you probably know many tricks, this is normal and experience is a degree. So we have compiled a series of tricks for all users who have had an iPhone for a long time and know them all. We are 8 “professional” iPhone tricks That very few know.

iPhone 15 in hand

These are cool iPhone tricks that you probably don't know about

Record a quick video with the camera

This is a trick for experts who use the iPhone camera a lot. If you press the on-screen button while in photo mode, take a photo again as usual. but If you hold down the shutter button, you will quickly record a video. In case you don't have time to scroll and want to start recording quickly.

Press and hold the “123” button.

this Cool iPhone keyboard trick. If you're typing and want to type a number, the usual thing is to tap the “123” button at the bottom left and type it, and when you're done, press the “ABC” button to return to the keyboard with the letters. But there is a faster way to write numbers.

Simply Press and hold the “123” button with one finger and type the numbers you want with the other finger. Once finished, stop pressing the “123” button and you will quickly return to your regular keyboard. Great trick.

iPhone keyboard

Surely you were not aware of this cool iPhone keyboard trick

Use background sounds

This iOS function is not much known and can be very enjoyable to relax or focus. The iPhone includes a series of background sounds that we can play at any time. Between them we have Pink noise, white noise, brown noise, ocean, rain and stream. We can activate it from Settings > Accessibility > Sound and visual effects > Background sounds.

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Take a bunch of photos

If we hold down the button that appears on the iPhone screen, we create a video, if that We hold down the top volume button and we will take a group of photos.. Perfect for capturing the exact moment of an event.

Copy the latest calculator result

Using iPhone calculator is very popular and we can easily copy the last result. Simply Press and hold the calculator icon until the pop-up menu appears, then tap Copy result. Fast and effective procedure.

Save battery by turning off Wi-Fi Assist

Disabling this iPhone setting will give you longer battery life which is something that very few users know about. Enter the application Settings > Mobile data or Mobile network, then scroll down to turn off the Wi-Fi Assist switch. You can also save data.

iPhone 15 with battery back

Battery optimization tricks are the best

Transfer multiple applications at the same time

This is the ultimate trick to rearrange your iPhone home screen. You don't have to move apps one by one, you can move multiple apps at the same time. Simply Hold down the screen until the apps move, drag one of them and without releasing it tap the other apps. They will pile up and you can move them all at once.

Find your Apple Watch from your iPhone

If you don't know exactly where you left your Apple Watch, this iPhone feature will help you find it very quickly. This is new The button is in Control Center and pressing it will cause your Apple Watch to ring. Although you should activate it:

  1. Go to iPhone settings.
  2. Click on the Control Center section.
  3. Swipe down and locate the Apple Watch Ring button.
  4. Add it to the buttons you want to show in Control Center by pressing “+”.
  5. When you want your Apple Watch to ring, scroll to the bottom of the iPhone Control Center and tap this button.
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There's no doubt that these iPhone tricks are cool, but they're not the only ones you should know. We have a guide of 50+ iPhone hacks that will definitely help you discover new things. And if you have autonomy issues, we have many other tricks to improve your iPhone battery.

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