Reason canelo alvarez fight in london before in mexico

Canelo Alvarez will fight outside the United States in 2023 (Joe Camporeale/REUTERS)

After making his first successful defense of his 168-pound Undisputed Championship, Saul Alvarez He pursues new goals in his career. His closest circle declared a fight outside the United States It will be the main headquarters Mexico City and London. However, they have already chosen the next destination for the boxer from Guadalajara.

In an interview with the programme DAZN Boxing ShowEddie Hearn, President of the Company boxingHe gave details about the future career of the boxers he is promoting. When he talked about the fights coming from Canelo AlvarezHe repeated that he would seek to leave the country of stars and stripes. Despite the fact that this entails economic losses, they have already been determined The headquarters that will leave better profits.

“John is the obligatory opponent and he is the perfect fight for sales. John is in great shape. Now we just have to see where the fight is. Our plan is to Canelo is John Ryder and then Dimitri Bivol If it is achievable (…) we would like to do it Mexico or London. We obviously make a lot more money in the US (…) (in London) not much more than in AmericaBut he seeks to break barriers and fight internationally.”

John Ryder will host a fight against England's Canelo Alvarez (REUTERS/Andrew Canridge)
John Ryder will host a fight against England’s Canelo Alvarez (REUTERS/Andrew Canridge)

It is noteworthy that one of the arguments for carrying out the fighting in the capital of England is that it Home of John Ryder, the current mandatory contender for the WBO World Championship at 168 lbs. And it is that the organization’s interim champion has monopolized the Reflectors ever since Prank Zack Parker in their last quarrel.

In recent years, Canelo has become a guarantee of box office success in major US arenas. Despite this, Hearn emphasized that the Mexicans’ interest lies in setting new records and getting to know new sporting venues. He seeks to break down barriers and fight internationally. I think it will be a great occasion and a great battle.”

Another figure who spoke of Canelo’s potential fight in England was Mauricio SuleimanPresident of the World Boxing Council (WBC). In his appearance before the media, José Suleiman’s son made the spotlight interest of British fans To go to one of the battles of what became considered the best pound for pound in the world.

Dmitry Bivol has been recognized as the WBA's boxer of the year in 2023 and could have a bout with Álvarez in 2023 (Photo: WBA Boxing)
Dmitry Bivol has been recognized as the WBA’s boxer of the year in 2023 and could have a bout with Álvarez in 2023 (Photo: WBA Boxing)

“This is 100 percent a matter for the promoters (Canelo fight in London) but the door is open. Everyone wants to see it and that’s the message Canelo has already received from the people. They want to see her there. El Canelo is a great attraction,” stated Mauricio Suleiman.

In the event that Canelo Alvarez’s arrival in the European country is confirmed, it will be a fight against John Ryder The World Championships weighs in at 168 pounds and can be held the weekend of May 5th. At the same time, the Mexican’s corner will negotiate about Rematch against Dmitry Bivol for the IBF belt (WBA), although they may be of very average weight.

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With both fights scheduled for 2023, Canelo will be seeking to regain spots in the rankings of the world’s best pound sterling. At the end of 2022 it is in Fifth step of the journal the ring Two wins could push him into the top three.

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