Real ‘Shield Management’ comes to League of Legends

Over the years, various content creators have left us with many expressions that we use in one way or another in the game. One of the legendary phrases comes from Manute and his Mordekaiser. And it is that, with his side of the project, the hero will say the legendary expression «shield management«, recognition More than important.

Riot and his tribute to Manot

If you have stood up for something Riot Games Regarding his stellar video game, he loves to pay tribute to great characters. So we find moments like some Wheels He tells our games or how, If you are looking for Last Shadow in MOBA Store, The Tormento de Leandre and the Morellonomicon Referring to Nick de Cesar «LS«.

Now comes a new honor falls on the latter skin for Mordecai, Draft. As taught by Riot Games, the hero will respond with the expression “shield management«, something very personal that Manot has made over the years and with what he explains to his followers how to deal with the hero. The creator’s growth progress over the years is evident, as evidenced by 698000 subscribers on YouTube.

As we said before, we can enjoy this interaction on the project side: Mordkaiser, which is something we don’t know Make him more than happy, as shown by his Twitter account.

Will there be more homage to this method?

With this recognition of the famous Spanish content creator, the question arose as to whether there would be more acclaim of this kind. With this, we wonder what personalities in the sector could be”legends» From the video game.

Can you imagine Zion saying “solobolo” in reference to TheBausffs? Or to Ramos shouting “I am Ramon the wheels” as he throws himself at his enemies in honor of someone of his stature. Knicro? We may even hear the expression “He is enemy number one” While messing around Cast him at the end to point Elmilio.

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There are already a lot of expressions that can appear in League of Legends And that Riot Games can take it into account when adding it to the flagship video game.

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