Ready, the 32 local councils for the final exercise to repeal the mandates

Thus, each council, within its field of competence, will be responsible for carrying out the procedure for developing the practice of citizen participation, on the terms specified in the Guidelines, the General Council and the General Executive Council.

In addition, they will specify the number and location of basic, contiguous, exceptional and even special chests, which will be installed in their geographic area.

To do this, they must identify accessible places for greater accessibility for the elderly or people with disabilities and identify and provide the required equipment and air conditioning in the places where the boxes will be installed.

Advance de-authorization tasks

According to the National Institute of Statistics, the work of regulating this practice of citizen participation is still ongoing, and therefore the process of verifying and certifying signatures necessary to comply with the constitutional requirements to support 3% of people is still registered in the nominal list.

In addition, it must have the support of at least 17 countries. At the end of Tuesday, they had already added in an initial way 1 million and 620,918, 58.77% of the 2.7 million needed to make this exercise viable, which President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has promoted.

In accordance with the General Law on Electoral Institutions and Procedures, in Articles 83 and 254, the Board of Directors of the Election Commission shall consist of:

A chief, secretary, auditor, and at least one alternate general, must meet the requirements to be in charge of a polling station established by law.

To develop this mechanism, which will cost 3 thousand 830.4 million pesos, the National Institute of Statistics only has 1.5 billion pesos, the county councils must supervise and participate in the recruitment, selection and employment of the people who will provide their services. Services such as supervisor and electoral coach.

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