Dua Lipa shows off her tattoos in a cute white silk dress

Famous singer Dua Lipa shows off her tattoos in a cute white silk dress, and she took a dip in the sea with her sister Rina Lipa to give herself a well-deserved rest, though she couldn’t avoid giving details on her social networks.

To avoid the bitter cold in winter, Dua Lipa went to the beach with her sister To enjoy the sun, this is how she posts a series of photos on her Instagram account of her in swimwear, crochet clothes and of course in a beautiful white dress.

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the British composer, model and actress He flaunts his beautiful tattoos that he puts on his fingers as well as the ones he wears on his arms, they are about several small tattoo It is written in black ink.

Leaning on a chair outside, translating a cold heart, glinting, covering herself from the sun, revealing an elegant, slightly sheer white dress perfect for an afternoon by the sea waves, Dua Lipa no doubt knows how to enjoy life.

The native of London, UK who turned 26 in 2021, also shows off her cute looks Leather tattoo designs While she is wearing a swimsuit and a green crocheted sweater, in the middle she has a pretty strawberry.

Dua Lipa shows off her tattoos in a cute white silk dress. Photo: special

And as if that wasn’t enough yarn, Dua Lipa will stand out again for her crocheted hat, an accessory that has triumphed on fashion runways as well as over celebrities like Hailey Bieber looking majestic in its multicolored look. Kendall Jenner and Miley Cyrus.

Dua Lipa admitted that she loves to be close to her family and boyfriend Anwar Hadid, so it is not the first time that she has shared endless nights of parties and fun trips on social networks.

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The artist, who also emerged as a model, has been postulated as Beauty queen of fashionFashionable, tattered and asymmetric pieces can be seen constantly in Dua Lipa, which has recently become Puma brand ambassador.

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And of course because of the tattoo not for Dua Lipa because even though she’s the youngest, she at least assumes 19 tattoos all over his bodyMost of them have a deep meaning related to music.

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