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Republic for testing. The perfect France for memory, i.e. Itaca also every day. The Republic is on trial

Antonio Lopez Pena

Towards a social map of happiness: a first approach using social network analysis. Towards a social map of happiness

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Diaz

Factors affecting the quality of mentoring relationships: evidence from a qualitative study. Factors affecting the quality of the mentoring relationship: evidence from a qualitative study

Ana Sanchez Aragon, Oscar Prieto Flores, and Angel Belzonighi Erasu

Socialism and Spanish Intelligence (1879-1936). Spanish Socialists and Intellectuals (1879-1936)

Francisco de Luis Martin

The importance of pedagogy as a profession. The challenges of the digital age and the importance of pedagogy as a profession. Challenges of the digital age

Beatrice de la Riva Picatust and Angela Martin Gutierrez

Sam Friedmand and Daniel Lorrison, Class Ceiling: Why it’s worth the franchise

Jesus Michael

Manuel Perez-Yeroela, The Legacy and Future of Sociology. A look at the standardization of academic and professional sociology in Spain

Enrique Rodriguez Ibanez

Thomas Piketty, A Brief History of Equality

Veronica Diaz Moreno

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