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Image source: Milli Instagram

Rapper Milli is one of Thailand’s rising hip-hop stars, but it has attracted some negative attention.

The hashtag #SaveMilli is trending on Twitter after the young rap star called on the Thai government for its response to COVID-19. She has since been contacted by the police to hear possible charges related to spreading false information and false news about COVID-19.

Social media users in Thailand are trying to draw attention to the rapper’s plight. Mili, whose real name is Danova Khanathirakul, reported that she reported to Nang Long Police Station saying that she was encouraged and ready to fight. Those who support the rapper include her brand YUPP! A Thai group rap against dictatorship.

Mili is the first Thai artist to face potentially serious charges under the 2017 Cybercrime Act. The CCA Act has been criticized for its ambiguity in general motives for crimes that can be categorized in the law. Thailand’s Minister of Economy and Digital Society has urged celebrities not to get involved in political movements.

Actors, celebrities, and influencers are public figures that people love and trust. So please do not use this as a political move to attack the government as it is an act of distorting information and introducing fake news on social media,” Chayute. Thanakamansorn says.

Thailand has seen an alarming increase in the number of COVID-19 cases since the end of March. The British variant reached the Thonglor region and quickly spread throughout the country. Celebrities like Millie in Thailand have criticized the government’s response to the spread and lack of access to vaccines for the people of Thailand.

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Milli was fined 2,000 baht for defaming Prime Minister Prayuth. That comes out to about $60 and the rapper won’t face any further fees. Millie tweeted a photo of her performing the three-finger salute, a pro-democracy symbol that has spread across Southeast Asia. “Thank you all for the support that came to me today, and insisted on continuing what I’ve always been doing. The Thai rapper wrote on Twitter after his release ‘Let’s fight and fight, we won’t give up.'”

Thailand reported 13,655 new cases of coronavirus, a new daily record for the country. The backlog of cases in the country is now approaching 500,000. The country’s COVID-19 task force has reported 87 additional deaths, bringing the total deaths to 3,697.

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