Radio Havana Cuba | Indigenous communities in Colombia hold summit to promote unity

Today, the indigenous communities of Colombia celebrate the Indigenous Peoples Summit. Photo: The Latin Press

BOGOTA, July 27 (RHC) On Wednesday, the indigenous communities of Colombia will celebrate the Indigenous Peoples Summit to promote the path of unity and autonomy for these peoples.

The meeting will take place in the municipality of Silvia Cauca, a region that has been inherited by ancestral cultures in order to strengthen the processes of struggle and resistance.

“Promoting the path of unity and autonomy for indigenous peoples, and collectively weaving the agenda of the Colombian Indigenous Movement, is the main objective of the summit” which will run through Friday.

The Cauca Regional Council of Indigenous Peoples and six other organizations will participate in an agenda containing issues to build policy guidelines that will allow agreements to be concluded to define the organizational scenario of indigenous peoples under the unit.

Likewise, the space will define how to address the current political situation and define a programmatic agenda for the indigenous peoples of Colombia.

They will also contribute to building a balance on the path of the unity of the indigenous movement, and they will discuss the legislative agenda and structural reforms, and the challenges of the movement in the face of the National Development Plan 2022-2026 will arise.

The Colombian Indigenous Movement invites, in its entirety, indigenous peoples from the various regions of the country, communities and social organizations, the media and other interested sectors, to participate in this event that aims to weave unity and continue to spread the word in the processes of struggle and resistance.

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The presence of President-elect Gustavo Petro is expected. Since his election campaign, he has expressed his support for the ancestral peoples, and even appointed three prominent personalities from these communities to take up important positions in his government.

Last week, Petro appointed Arhuaca social leader Leonor Zalapata as Colombia’s ambassador to the United Nations.

He also announced that Patricia Topone, Embera’s attorney and truth commissioner, would head the Victims Unit and that Giovanni Yule, a NASA sociologist, would head the Land Return Unit.

In this way, the next government of the historical pact begins to comply with the participation of the various social sectors that constitute it in the direction of Colombian politics. (Line: latin press)

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