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curious gesture. 2021 was a challenging year for the Queen Elizabeth II of the United KingdomNot only because of his health issues or the COVID-19 pandemic, but because in April he had to fire his partner of more than seven decades. the duke Philip Edinburgh He died a few days after his 100th birthday and during his funeral the king was seen alone. However, the details of that day have just been revealed and show that even in the most difficult moments, the head of the British royal family thanks those who support her.

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Justin Welby is the Archbishop of Canterbury and was in charge of the funeral of Charles Wells’ father. During an interview with ITV, Great Britain, he recalled what happened on April 17 at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, west London.

The emotional moment of Elizabeth II

Although the Queen has been separated from the rest of the British royal family by protocol in the face of the pandemic, Isabel II He decided not to leave immediately after the funeral and made a grand gesture when he noticed the presence of his distant relatives.

“I remember the Queen alone. I remember the moments of silence. For me, (this) is like much of what I see from His Majesty, is his personal example (…) I know that after the service he was supposed to go to rest – of course in his 90s – but he saw Some distant cousins ​​who came from far away. So before going to rest, insist on talking to them to make them feel welcome,” specified as detailed .

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said the Archbishop of Canterbury shook and cracked “This is someone he has been saying all his life – and it’s a very important message in this crisis – ‘It’s not about me, it’s about others.’ It was a very emotional moment. Still, because I see and think, what an extraordinary gift Your Majesty is to this country and this The world, especially in times of crisis. Humor. Generous. Unselfish”.

Queen Elizabeth II looks at the coffin of Britain’s Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, during his funeral at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. (Photo by Jonathan Brady/Paul/AFP).

Live the funeral alone

Queen picture Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom She was witnessing her husband’s funeral alone, and she went around the world. On that day, only 30 members of the British royal family attended St George’s Chapel for social distancing measures.

Minutes earlier, she had accompanied her husband’s funeral procession by car and her children, Princes Carlos, Anna, Andres and Eduardo, were walking behind the coffin. There are also grandchildren Henry Sussex, William of Cambridge, as well as Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anne and her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips.

It was precisely this last grandson of Elizabeth II who, weeks later, revealed the details of his grandmother’s experience to the BBC.

Our thoughts immediately went to my grandmother. We tried to support her as much as we could…everyone saw the picture of Her Majesty sitting alone. It would have been the same for any other family, and the hardest thing was not being able to hug the people closest to the one he had lost”He said on that occasion.

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