Flight cancellations continue into first weekend of the year – Telemundo Miami (51)

The first weekend of the year kicked off with thousands of flight cancellations at various airports across the country, with travelers desperate to go home after family reunions or vacations.

On Sunday alone, nearly 100 flights were canceled at Miami International Airport, and at the moment a total of 116 flights are postponed, so there are long queues to pass security controls and take COVID-19 tests required by airlines.

This wave of canceled flights has left thousands of people stranded. In Fort Lauderdale, more than 200 flights were delayed or canceled.

Air monitoring service FlightAware reported that more than 2,500 flights were canceled on Saturday in the United States, while 4,300 were canceled worldwide.

Locally, Miami Airport, Saturday, reported more than a hundred cancellations. For its part, Fort Lauderdale Airport in Broward announced the cancellation of about 100 flights during the first day of the year.

Since December 24 so far, more than 12,000 flights have been canceled in the country. The main problem is bad weather in several states and Micron’s development which has caused staff shortages in many airlines.

To reduce the number of cancellations, airlines say they are taking the necessary steps. United has offered to pay its pilots three times or more to cover flights through mid-January. Southwest and other airlines have also encouraged some employees with increased premiums.

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