Quarter-finals of the United States and Mexico Gold Cup

published 23 July 2021 07:34 AM

Defending champions Mexico and hosts the United States will compete for the Gold Cup quarter-finals this weekend.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Mexico and the United States will be the hosts in the competition after an impressive group stage performance of the Gold Cup quarter-finals at the weekend.

Mexico has won the CONCACAF twenty-eight times and the U.S. team six times, and Canada won another title in 2000.

It will play the quarter-finals against Mexico against Honduras and guest Qatar El Salvador against the United States against Jamaica and Canada in Phoenix on Saturday and Dallas on Sunday against Costa Rica.

In the group stage matches, the United States and Costa Rica finished 3-0, while Qatar and Mexico tied 2-0.

For the first time in the Gold Cup, Mexico conceded no goal in three group stage matches, beating El Salvador 1-0, Guatemala 3-0 and Trinidad and Tobago with one goal.

Tricolor allowed only eight total shots from opponents in three matches.

“The positive thing is that we got seven points and they didn’t score against us,” said Mexico coach Gerardo Martino.

The Americans beat Martinique 6-1, Canada and Haiti 1-0 each, with coach Greg Berolder lamenting that we “didn’t do our best” and that there was no rush to score.

Qatar, which will host the 2022 World Cup, is preparing to face El Salvador next year.

Qatar coach Felix Sanchez Bos said: “The players have shown great responsibility and professionalism.

“The Gold Cup was a good experience and we are satisfied with what we have done so far.”

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