Putin warns that Russia will respond firmly to aggressive Western steps

(EFE). – Russian President Vladimir Putin warned, on Tuesday, in a meeting with senior officials of the Russian Defense Ministry, that Russia does not demand exclusive conditions in the security sphere, but will respond firmly to any hostile move by the West. Ministry.

“We are not asking for any kind of conditions that are exclusive to us. Russia calls for indivisible and equal security throughout the Eurasian space,” he said in his speech, which was broadcast live on air.

The Russian president stressed that if the West maintains a “clearly aggressive” line, then Moscow will respond with “appropriate technical-military measures” and will respond “firmly to these unfriendly steps.”

Putin stressed Moscow’s “great concern” about the increased military presence of the United States and NATO along the Russian border

He noted that Russia has every right to act in order to “guarantee its security and sovereignty.”

Putin stressed Moscow’s “great concern” about the increase in the US and NATO military presence along the Russian border and “large-scale exercises, including unplanned exercises.”

“We are concerned about the location close to Russia of elements of the global missile defense system, which are located in Romania, and the upcoming location of the MK-41 shuttles in Poland, which may be adapted for the use of Tomahawk attack systems,” he said.

The president verified that if this military infrastructure continued to approach Russia, the flight time of missiles would be reduced to seven or ten minutes and hypersonic weapons to less than five minutes.

“This is a serious challenge to Russia’s security,” he warned.

And he attacked the United States, which “acts under various pretexts, including ensuring its security, thousands of kilometers from its territory.”

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He attacked the United States, which “under various pretexts, including ensuring its security, acts thousands of kilometers from its territory. And when it goes against international law and the Charter of the United Nations, it will be declared obsolete.”

“But when they serve their interests, they cite the rules of international law, the Charter of the United Nations and international human rights,” he said. “We are tired of these manipulations,” he stressed.

That is why Russia has asked the United States for “legally binding long-term” security guarantees, Putin added.

“We know very well that we cannot believe in any legal guarantee, because the United States easily abandons all international agreements that for some reason cease to be interested, with any excuse or even without explanations,” he said.

Putin recalled how Washington withdrew from agreements such as the Missile Defense Treaty or the Open Skies Treaty.

He stressed that “something, they are at least legally binding agreements and not verbal statements. We know very well what the value of these verbal sayings, these words and these promises.”

“We look forward to a clear and decisive response. There are certain signs the partners are willing to talk about that.”

The Kremlin chief denied that Russia’s demand for security guarantees was an ultimatum.

“We hope to get a clear and conclusive answer. There are certain indications that partners are willing to talk about it,” he said, adding that there is a risk that they will delay the matter and “take advantage of the pause to do what they want.”

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Putin specifically referred to the situation in Ukraine.

“But what they are doing now or trying and planning to do on the territory of Ukraine does not happen thousands of kilometers from our national border, this is on our doorstep. They must understand that we have nowhere to go back,” pressed.


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