London is once again the epicenter of massive environmental protests – Prensa Latina

Ecologists summoned by Extinction Rebellion (XR) set up a giant pink table at the intersection of Great Newport and Long Acre Streets, in Covent Garden, after walking from Trafalgar Square behind a canvas with the legend “Let’s demand the impossible,” stated Prensa Latina.

As the activists explained, the “crisis table” that impeded vehicular traffic is an invitation to passersby to sit down and share their experiences about climate change and their ideas for combating it.

I am fed up with the inaction of the British government, which has made so many promises but absolutely nothing to achieve its carbon emissions and global warming goals, explained one protester who strapped himself to a leg of furniture to stop it. It was removed by the police.

The activist indicated that the authorities plan to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars to replace them with electricity, while investing billions of pounds in developing road infrastructure.

The so-called “impossible rebellion” will spread to various parts of the capital in the coming days, including the city’s financial district, where the goal will be to pressure banks to stop financing companies dedicated to exploiting fossils. fuel.

If they were really interested in stopping this existential crisis, then they would immediately stop funding fossil fuels, because pouring gasoline on the fire is a clear sign of insanity, notes XR co-founder Jill Bradbrook.

Founded in 2018, the British environmental movement is known for delivering stunning and colorful displays to draw attention to the need to stop climate change.

In the case of the UK, XR is asking the government to declare a climate emergency and take action to stop biodiversity loss.

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It also demands that carbon emissions that cause the so-called greenhouse effect be reduced to zero by 2025 – not by 2050 as British authorities have promised – and that citizens’ gatherings be allowed to decide how to respond to the climate. Emergency.

The new street protests, which unfolded peacefully on Monday, came on the back of the latest report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which linked current global warming to the use of fossil fuels.

The study warned of extreme events such as droughts, floods, fires, heat waves and food insecurity.


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