Putin says that Russia and China support the formation of a multipolar world

He said it is necessary to strengthen the multipolar world that is being shaped, and it is important that those who are trying to maintain their monopoly on decision-making on all issues understand what they need to do to make this process peaceful and conflict-free. President, as explained by the press service of the Kremlin.

Moreover, everyone must search for compromise solutions to resolve the very complex issues they face, Putin added, stressing his confidence that “everyone understands well that the world has become multipolar.”

He noted that relations between Russia and China, in addition to being constructive and peaceful, must take into account not only the interests of the two countries, but also the interests of all participants in international contacts.

Putin will visit China on May 16 and 17, which is his first trip abroad since his re-election and official assumption of his fifth presidential term.

On Thursday, talks were held between Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Beijing, which lasted two and a half hours and ended with the signing of several documents. In turn, the Chinese leader announced that one of the priorities shared by Beijing and Moscow is building a multipolar world and economic globalization.


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