Putin is struggling to regain his popularity ahead of parliamentary elections in September

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to promote the ruling United Russia party in the face of the parliamentary elections in September, in light of the decline in the popularity of training, with announcements of social measures, health and education programs and more resources for infrastructure.

According to a poll conducted by the Levada Center last May, only 27% of Russians will vote for United Russia in the elections to the State Duma or the Chamber of Deputies, in which 450 deputies will be renewed, half of them through party lists and the other in majority districts.

According to an opinion poll, only 27% of Russians will vote for United Russia in the Duma elections انتخابات

In Moscow, the percentage is even lower, 15%.

Despite a steady decline in the ruling party’s voting intention, Putin said today at the party’s 20th congress that he is confident of a victory of power when Russians go to the polls between September 17-19 to elect 12 presidents as well. Federal entities and 39 regional parliaments.

“I am convinced that United Russia will set the highest standards for reasserting its leadership and achieving victory in the elections,” he said, and called for “fair” elections in accordance with the law that expresses the “will of the voters.”

Alexei Navalny’s opposition will effectively veto the September elections

In the meantime, the opposition of Alexei Navalny will actually be vetoed in the September elections, after the Russian Justice announced his political movement and two institutions created by “extremists”.

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Two weeks ago, Putin passed a controversial law directed against the most extreme opposition to the Kremlin, which will prevent anyone involved in the activities of “extremist organizations” from running for elections at any level.

A set of social and economic measures

In an effort to give a boost to United Russia, Putin announced a raft of social and economic measures.

It pledged another 50 billion rubles ($687 million) to develop and modernize transport infrastructure and 100 billion rubles ($1.3 billion) to create a medical system for rehabilitation after operations, injuries, cardiovascular diseases and oncology. Until 2026.

It also announced an additional 30 billion rubles ($414 million) through 2024 to improve vocational training in secondary education, and the soon launch of a youth employment support program or exemption for families with two or more children from paying home sales tax. If you spend your savings on buying a new home within one year.

Dmitry Medvedev, Putin’s predecessor in the Kremlin and current deputy head of the Russian Security Council and president of United Russia, called for approval of the ruling party’s platform in August.

As for the lists of troops, Putin said there should be new and experienced old faces.

Known faces in the list

For this reason, he announced that the top five candidates for the party Duma should be Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. And the director of the Kommunarka Hospital, on the outskirts of Moscow and treating covid-19 patients, Denis Protsenko.

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They will also head the federal list, agreed with Medvedev, Ombudsman for Children, Anna Kuznetsova, and Elena Shmeleva, co-chair of the People’s Front of Russia (ONF) created by Putin in 2011 whose task is to publicly monitor the implementation of their decisions, fight corruption and the ineffectiveness of spending money general.

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