“It was a good time, and we made the most of it”

Mathematical Writing, June 19 (EFE). Spain’s Fernando Alonso (Alpine), the two-time Formula 1 world champion who will start ninth this Sunday at the French Grand Prix, said after the qualifying session at Circuit Paul Ricard that “it was a good experience” and they made the most of it.

“It was a good time when we achieved the most victory,” explained the Asturian double world champion (2005 and 2006 with Renault), who has 32 victories in Spain throughout its history in the first division of motorsports, who, after a two-year absence, is back this season with The team with which he celebrated two titles, which is now competing with the name Alpine.

“From the first quarter (the first round) to the third quarter (the third), we always ran with twenty swing times up or down, always in that band; something that didn’t happen in other times,” Alonso, 39, explained. The French Grand Prix is ​​a country that, on the other hand, celebrated the World Endurance Championship with two victories in the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans, in 2018 and a year later.

“Things went well with the medium frame,” he explained to the television channel “Dazn Alonso”, about the complex in which the network’s top ten centers will launch on Sunday in Paul Ricard.

“The red (softer compound) is the one that costs me the most, because with my more aggressive driving style, the hard (frame) suits us better,” explained the Oviedo rider, who is 11th in the world championship, with 13 points.

The genius Asturian, who decided on the last lap, after restarting, commented, “Here we knew that yellow (medium composite tyre) would be better; and that it could be faster than red (soft).” The last Grand Prix, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, took four places To move from the tenth place to the final sixth place.

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Alonso predicted it would be “very tight”, targeting Sunday’s race of 53 laps to complete 309 kilometres.

The Spanish champion warned twice: “We have bad agents all around us.”

“And we also have to be careful with those who come out with a new tyre from behind,” Alonso said on Saturday at the Circuit Paul Rijkaard after qualifying in ninth place.

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