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The author is a historian, poet, and university professor. He lives in Santo Domingo.

Of all the lawyers involved in the adverse court battles, Guillaume Chretien Lamoignon de Malesherbes (1721-1794) was the most heroic. The minister of Louis Malesherbe used his wits to remove the body of Louis XVI from the shining guillotine.

Whoever faces an outdated court, with a revolutionary and malicious nature, knows that there is no room for arguments, because it resorts to shouting and a fanatical crowd appears that is responsible for nullifying all thinking.

Academy of Sciences

This is what happened on Saturday, February 24, in a fraudulent trial against the administration of Mr. Eleuterio Martinez, president of the Academy of Sciences, an affable man, a man of conciliation, always interested in scientific knowledge and Dominican development.

This meeting was held at the request of a small group of members. They distributed a discrediting booklet to the networks to heat up the atmosphere, signed by Mr. Adolfo Lopez, the Public Prosecutor and also at the end of the event.

Initially, Dr. José Joaquín Puello was the mediator appointed by the association, but the loudness and fanaticism of the opponents so enraged him that he withdrew from that association. On the eighteenth of Ramadan, the investigator proposed himself to be the mediator. Imagine that Robespierre, the great accused and harasser, turned into a mediator!

Eleuterio Martinez

Then, academician Melsiades Mejía, a well-known leader and former president of the institution, a usually moderate man, with the complicity of the public prosecutor and the superintendent, read out against Don Eleuterio a very long text full of alleged abuses, endless accusations, and horrific events. Reprimands for preparation lock her up.

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After hearing the huge number of accusations against him, it was possible to imagine that, in the embarrassment of that Extraordinary Assembly, he would be transferred de facto to a cell in Nagayo. At the end of this deluge of accusations, Mr. Adolfo Lopez allowed the accused to express himself.
Don Eleuterio asked the association to examine two audits. Both of them were requested by the president of the academy himself, and are under development. They are:

– Review the Financial Controller’s Office
– PEPCA audit

Eleuterio Martinez literally said: “If these reports are negative, if you steal pesos, I will resign myself and go home.”

But the Revolutionary Tribunal would not hear or listen, and had no limits in its harassment, and Lopez, the mediator, asked the assembly to vote on the immediate resignation of the president from office.

Of the forty members present in the hall, only seven voted in favor of dismissal. They were the same opponents who spoke out all the time against Eleuterio, the same ones who made fallacious arguments, the same supporters of Maria Ramos' cat who threw the stone and hid her hand.

New assemblyTherefore, it remained to wait for the results of the two audits requested by the president of the academy mentioned above, and then to convene a new association and evaluate its scope.

Let us trust in the common sense of the distinguished members of the Academy of Sciences and in the expected minimum institutional respect that anxious opponents must show to read the two reviews requested by the Academy's president. Patience, gentlemen!

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Let's hope that those who accuse without evidence and denigrate an academic without taking into account his achievements are sensible because no one ignores this. Perhaps that is why they are so desperate. Perhaps it was the abundance of projects that unleashed the excessive ambition expressed in the ferocious behavior of this small group. There will be news and we will give due consideration to what is happening.

I return to the core of my initial thinking, and explain to you why I defend Don Eleuterio Martinez. This is because I feel supported, and in moments and circumstances like these, Malesherbes, whom I have always admired, would have felt scandalized by the contempt all these people feel for the dignity of others. These people never hesitated to publicly throw a man's honor before dogs.


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