Peter and Hilary Burton (UK): “We love Prego”

Peter and Hilary Burton (UK): “We love Prego”David Garcia

A lovely couple from the UK, Peter and Hilary Burton, arrived from their home country ready to enjoy the Magdalena de Castillo celebrations to the fullest. This is the third time they will experience the Big Week firsthand, even though they don't know the traditional sects very well. They love to enjoy walking in the center of the capital, through Plaza Mayor and Vadri, equipped with their backpacks and comfortable shoes.

Your favorite verb

If they had to choose a favorite verb, it is undoubtedly Pregó for them. They point out, “We really like this celebration, which is about a parade or procession in which everyone comes out in traditional costumes, traditional dances, and horses.” They are from the north of England and therefore appreciate the land's usually sunny climate and stay on the coast.

I stayed in the camp

As usual, they are staying in a caravan at their trusted campsite in Benicassim. But they already have their plans planned for this Magdalene. “The first thing we do is take a close look at the Magdalena program, day after day, to choose the events that interest us most and thus know which days we will come to Castelo,” they say. They did not try anything specific from traditional gastronomy. But they like to go out, go to cafes and have “good coffee with milk” on the balcony. Hilary comments that she admires the typical long costumes worn for Magdalena ceremonies, and that she has already seen them at other events. They also love the stately medieval costumes of the conquering king – James I – and “the Moors and Christians,” Peter adds.

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Your residence in the governorate

“With Brexit, we could be up to 90 days in a row, and then we have to go back to their country and we can't go back for another 90 days. There were years when the dates did not coincide well because the holidays were celebrated later, closer to Easter. We will enjoy Magdalena to the fullest,” they say with a big smile.

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