Successful completion of the Positive Parenting Workshop at the Morillion Institute of Science – Affiliate Newsletters

Moroleon, Guanajuato. November 28, 2022. Eight weeks later, the Gto Health System’s Positive Parenting Workshop at the Morlion Institute of Science, with continued attendance for mothers, successfully concluded.

As it was agreed from the first day to announce the implementation of the Positive Parenting Workshop, the mothers went on schedule to the secondary school facilities.

The health system reported that in each session the participants were given useful tools for different scenarios concerning their daughters and sons.

In addition to remembering what their childhood was like, what they learned during it, how complicated or satisfying it was to be a mother, and the transformation of the way they were taught by their parents, whether negatively or positively, and the effect of this on their receiving or not. Signs of affection in their childhood or adolescence.

On the last day of the workshop, the mothers allowed themselves to express in a personal way what they had learned and the meaning it held in their daily lives, indicating that they felt great emotional release, after participating and listening to each of their companions. .

The educational institution’s acceptance towards the Planet Youth strategy has allowed it to work continuously with its community, allowing the input of mental health staff to guide caregivers on the positive development of adolescents.

For this reason, it is requested that the Foundation be awarded the Planet Youth badge, to recognize its commitment to the education of girls, boys and adolescents and, likewise, to further its strategies for creating healthy environments starting with its staff.

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