Princess Zelda comes to the real world with this cosplay

the princess Zelda More than one has been crushed across the generations, and the latest release is in Breath of the wild It’s also not far behind as it appears in an incredible way Disguise.

it’s a Disguise From Zelda played by shirogane_sama (who shared it with his followers on Instagram) shows us a princess in her royal outfit, and frankly left us speechless:

Foto: shirogane_sama

Princess Zelda is one of the indispensable characters who has accompanied us practically throughout all installments of the franchise, and whenever she changes her clothes it is time to admire her again. one of Breath of the wild He gives her a green dress and cape with golden motifs and motifs, in An amazing and deserving set of heir to the throne of Hyrule.

Foto: shirogane_sama

at Video game Zelda, the latest in the series, isn’t just a princess of the kingdom. She is also a student and trainee full of curiosity that can sometimes get her into trouble. She is also one of the leaders of a select group of Hyrule, a group of warriors made up of Zelda and the King Rom. Link, Meva, Darrock, Rvale, and Arbusa also belong to this group.

Foto: shirogane_sama

what do you think about this Disguise Zelda?

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