How Is Sheets Creek, The Most Recommended Comedy Series

It can no longer be said to be a surprise. Yeah Chet Creek Astonished the world when it became the big winner of the Emmy Awards 2020, and now no one can be surprised that this Canadian production is the most nominated comedy series for the Golden Globes, with Five nominations.

Past Emmys will be remembered for two reasons. One, because he had the most atypical ceremony in history, with Jimmy Kimmel drives without a public presence at Staples Center due to the coronavirus pandemic. And by Chet Creek: One by one, the series occupied the top seven categories that nightAlways in the comedy category.

On that night in September we discovered the existence of this chain, and not only that. I had the best actress (Catherine O’Hara), Best Actor (Eugene Levy), Best Director (Andrew Civedino and Dan Levy), Best Supporting Actor (Daniel Levy), Best Supporting Actress (Annie Murphy), and Best Screenplay (Dan Levy). Obviously, it was the best comedy series.

Chet Creek

On that day I wouldn’t have earned any more: The only one she didn’t get was in the scenario category, where she lost to herself (The nomination was for the authors of two different episodes.) With the addition of the technical categories that were delivered during the previous week, it reached fifteen nominations.

right Now She aspires to also reach the Golden Globe Awards, Influential awards given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. For The February 28 Gala is nominated in five TV categoriesAmong the comedy series: the best series; Actress (Katherine O’Hara); Actor (Eugene Levy); Supporting Actress (Annie Murphy); And the actor (Daniel Levy).

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Chet Creek It is an original production of Canadian CBC, which in the United States began broadcasting on a small channel, Pop. Subsequently, Netflix acquired the first two seasons for its users in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. And therefore Her audience grew exponentially and hence the first nominations.

Annie Murphy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara and Dan Levy are Shit Creek heroes.  AP Pictures

Annie Murphy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara and Dan Levy are Shit Creek heroes. AP Pictures

The bad news is that in Argentina it can be seen on Movistar Play, howeverThe time is not available on any streaming platform. In the United States, Netflix offers all six seasons.

Created by Eugene Levy and his son Dan, It narrates the fall from the grace of the millionaire Rose family, Who sees all his assets confiscated and must move to a town that the Patriarch bought for his son “as a joke.” The premise he plays with throughout his six seasons is that of another well frog, a tycoon trying to stay out of his comfort zone.

The affluent Rose family consists of Patriarch Johnny (Eugene Levy), local video mogul; His wife and former TV actress Moira (Catherine O’Hara) and their children David and Alexis (Daniel Levy and Annie Murphy).

Eugene Levy, the creator and hero "Chet Creek"In a scene from the series.  AP Pictures

Eugene Levy is the creator and hero of the movie “Sheet Creek,” in one scene from the series. AP Pictures

They lose their fortune after being scammed by their manager And they’re forced to rebuild their lives with their only assets left: a small town called Chet Creek, which Johnny told David jokingly on his 1991 birthday.

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The joke was Creek of shit seemed to be the most absurd noun, because in the English language it tampered with words whose translation could be “creek of shit”. They imagined it to be the ugliest place in the country, and they weren’t at fault.

The Roses have no choice but to move to Schitt’s Creek, where they occupy two adjacent rooms of a streaming hotel. As the family adjusts to their new life, their pretentious attitudes clash with the rural residents of Chet Creek.

Catherine O'Hara leads a female "Chet Creek".  AP Pictures

Catherine O’Hara is the heroine of the movie “Sheet Creek”. AP Pictures

Among these supporting figures are Mayor Roland Chet (Chris Elliot), his wife Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson) and hotel manager Stevie (Emily Hampshire).

The series’ strength lies in the shows, especially its veteran protagonists, Catherine O’Hara, aka My poor angelAnd Eugene Levy, better known as American pie.

So She has five nominations for the SAG, Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Performance in Film and Television 2020, Deadline April 4: Best Actor in a TV Comedy Series, Best Actress in a TV Comedy Series (Annie Murphy and Catherine O’Hara) and Best Actor in a TV Comedy Series (Dan Lee and Eugene Levy).

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