Prince William's alleged lover is once again trending in the UK amid Kate Middleton rumours

toTo the situation Kate Middleton This event has increasingly become one of the most mysterious events of this century. No one knows where or how it is Princess of Wales And from the British Royal House, far from helping, they are adding more unusual items. It's been more than two months since Kate Middleton's alleged abdominal surgery, and despite that, it's been a while since Kensington Palace in London They warned that it would not reappear before Easter, as doubts grip the British people.

First, because no one expected a photo of Middleton with her mother, Carole, near the house Windsor Castle. In an official car, he is wearing sunglasses and his facial features are slightly changed. In this way, theories on social media began to become unsustainable, and each user contributed a different opinion.

The photo was uploaded to her official account herself Kate Middleton On Mother's Day in United kingdom It added more mystery to a case that already had plenty of it. The image was retouched and manipulated at up to eight points and the Princess of Wales was forced to apologize and justify her lack of experience using Photoshop. There is another contradiction that social networks will not forgive.

Why did Rose Hanbury come back into the light again?

The rumors reached such a pitch that the British media, unexpectedly, once again highlighted Prince William's alleged lover. Rose Hanbury was a close friend of Kate Middleton Even rumors appeared about a possible betrayal of the heir. Since then, nothing more has been heard from the aristocrat.

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This Wednesday, The Independent and Tatler magazine profiled Rose Hanbury's career since she was thrown off the map by her alleged affair with Guillermo. Do you in the UK think this lack of knowledge about Kate Middleton is due to her alleged infidelity? It must be remembered that the princess, in the Mother's Day photo, went out without her engagement ring.

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