Prince Harry sues a British press group for defamation

Prince Harry has filed a lawsuit against one of the largest British press groups, a spokesman for the couple who forms with Meghan Markle, who are in California (US), told AFP on Wednesday.

The spokesman did not give any additional accuracy, but British media noted that the complaint referred to the Associated Newspapers group, which publishes, among other things, the tabloid. daily Mail.

Prince Harry accuses the newspaper mail on sunday (Sunday edition of daily Mail) for defaming him in an article alleging that he tried to keep his police protection request confidential while in the UK.

UK Home Office copy

The Prince Harry And the Meghan Markle They live north of Los Angeles. They decided to withdraw from the royal family in 2019, which automatically deprived them of the right to police protection paid by the British taxpayer.

Harry suggested taking on these expenses when he is in the UK; Petition rejected by the Ministry of the Interior and appealed.

The entity responded that the police security service was “not available on a private funding basis”.

The royal couple against defamation

Harry and . couple Meghan Markle He recently sued several publications for infringing on his family’s privacy.

In December, Megan won a tabloid condemnation for publishing a letter she wrote to her father. She then celebrated a “victory” over tabloid, “cruel” and “false” journalism, she said.

(With information from Agence France-Presse)

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