Prime Video’s Fallout series shares first story details and release window

Jonathan Nolan, creator of West World, is responsible for this TV adaptation of Bethesda Games.

Fallout 76 promotional image

Among the following TV adaptations of video games To be released soon, and without a doubt, one of the most exciting games to date is the Fallout 4 series Jonathan Nolan Getting ready with Prime Video, we already know First official details From this production that aims to be the most entertaining series. So far, all we’ve been able to see are some of the filming locations.

Not only is the director Oppenheimer’s younger brother Creator of Westworldan HBO series, he was also a screenwriter for some of Christopher Nolan’s films, such as Interstellar and The Dark Knight Trilogy. We’ll see what he can do with the world of the Bethesda saga.

The first official image of the Fallout series and its release date

This preview of the Fallout series came from the official Prime Video Twitter account, which confirmed that the story will take place in Angelsabout the vault 33And It will arrive in 2024. In addition, this post comes with the first official image of the Fallout series, a promotional illustration with the Vault Boy and a postcard from the city of Los Angeles where you can read “When dreams come true“.

for now Not much is known about his proposal Nor does the cast, save for a few actors, so we’ll have to wait for news from Prime Video in the coming months.

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When it comes to video games, while Fallout 76 continues to receive free content Periodically, it seems You will have to wait for many years For the arrival of a new traditional part of the series, as they at Bethesda are now very busy launching starfieldAnd then it’s The Elder Scrolls VI’s turn.

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