President of Venezuela submits bills to municipalities – Prensa Latina

During a meeting at the Teresa Carreño Theater, in Caracas, the President presented to the President of the Legislature, Jorge Rodriguez, bills of the Communal Parliament and Collective Cities.

The head of state indicated that both legal instruments had, in their preparation, discussion and participation of popular organizations and social movements, in order to promote the socialist project in the country’s societies.

Maduro emphasized that the country’s future must be built under the leadership of the organized people and the emergence of Venezuelan families.

During the day, the President approved the establishment of a thousand new community banks and the delivery of 55 thousand units of the cryptocurrency Petro ($ 3.3 million) to finance productive social projects.

He emphasized that the purpose of these resources is to contribute to deepening the new financial structure of the people’s power, with an emphasis on the societal economy.

Financial decentralization will allow grassroots organizations to get rid of cryptocurrencies developed by the Venezuelan state as an alternative to the blockade imposed by the United States government.

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