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See the strange photos of second-division football in Germany.

Corner shot

A corner kick in German football.


Taken from TV broadcasts

at football It is always reinventing itself. What was the game plan today, within a few months it may differ or change completely. The idea will always be to do a better job than the opponent and, on some occasions, to entrap the opponent to defeat them.

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One such case was seen in Germany’s second division, although things did not go well at all. The Karlsruhe He wanted to perform a corner kick in a certain way and the match’s narrator finished in the middle Laugh.

The collector was ready for his work releaseHis comrades were lining up on the edge of the area. With every step the shooter made, the players went into the zone and the competitors did not know which step he was taking.

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In the end, this hard-working pitch did not have a happy ending and the narrator did not stop laughing for a few seconds at the strange play.


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