President Lopez Obrador is prohibited from referring to political parties

January 16, 2021, 8:32 pmMexico, January 16 (Prensa Latina) The Mexican National Electoral Institute prevented President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador from referring to political parties and elections in its morning conferences, which Governor Morena protested today.

The National Institute for Elections (INE) argument was to avoid compromising the integrity and impartiality of the upcoming elections, which the opposition has greatly praised in its effort to cancel those press conferences that the president calls the circular dialogue.

There is no strong case from INE to persuade this decision, as the party Morena that Lopez Obrador founded for his election campaign claimed. On the contrary, he adds, that makes his plight to the government all the more apparent.

The President criticizes the National Institute of Statistics for his bias and too dark actions that can be criticized throughout the neoliberal period, especially since 2000 because in those years he accused the presidencies won by Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderon and Enrique Peña Nieto of fraud. victim. The confrontation is open.

After a long debate and despite Morena’s representatives ’argument that the resolution violates freedom of expression and the right to information for the executive branch, by a majority of nine votes in favor and two against, the INE decided that Lopez Obrador should abstain. Political party assessments.

INE prohibits the president from referring in the morning to party powers, public funding, radio and television access, domestic life, positioning, front-end registration of candidates, alliances, alliances, strategic campaigns, or voting intention polls.

Sergio Gutierrez, from Morena, has filed an appeal so that the head of the National Institute of Statistics, Lorenzo Cordova, and Counselor Ciro Murayama, who drafted the resolution, refrain from participating, after anticipating the content of the decision.

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The request of both parties was rejected, after a heated debate, in which the representatives of the National Action Party and the opposition Revolutionary Democratic Defense had defended the National Institute of Statistics, whom Gutierrez accused of malicious behavior.

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