President-elect Guillermo Laso certified Tania Varela as Commander in Chief | Politics News

Lasso said he already has a contract – in principle to be able to start negotiations for the Russian Sputnik v vaccine, which has already been approved by Arcsa.

The Elected President, Guillermo Laso, Are right Tania Varela As Commander in Chief of the National Police After a private meeting they had on Saturday, May 22nd.

Lasso also met with UK Ambassador Chris Campbell, Who was the spokesperson for the private message from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

This is a list of all the ministers of the government of Guillermo Laso

The press service of the president-elect stated that “the diplomat confirmed that he had held meetings with the president-elect’s transitional team to strengthen relations between Ecuador and England.”

“I appreciate this noble initiative and reiterate my commitment to strengthening the bonds of friendship,” Lasso said on his Twitter account.

In the morning, the president-elect held meetings with former heads of state Jose Maria Aznar from Spain s Andres Pastrana from Colombia. Pastrana, on behalf of the Idea Group, indicated that they come to accompany the “friend”, and that they are here to collaborate on the good Colombian-Ecuadorian relations.

Lasso plans to meet Minister of Economy and Finance Specified, Simon howAnd director Internal Revenue Service (SRI)And the Marisol AndradeIn the next few hours.

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This is the list of international guests at Guillermo Laso’s presidential inauguration

Lasso holds these meetings at a hotel in Quito, located in the North Central. “We are loaded with a desire to work with a great commitment to the people and with great enthusiasm to implement the public policies that achieve that democratic and free Ecuador and the democratic state that we all hope,” said the president-elect.

COVID-19 vaccination

Outside the hotel, the president-elect certified that the Russian Sputnik v vaccine has already been approved by the National Agency for Regulation, Supervision and Health Surveillance (Arcsa), and the next government already has a preliminary contract to start negotiations, already there are tentative numbers and they hope the process will be speeded up from During diplomacy.

“We have been working since April 12 in what I call vaccine diplomacy, and we continue to work and I hope the international world of Ecuador will respond (…) From a logistical point of view, we asked for the support of the National Electoral Council (…) These will be vaccination days,” Laso said.

The president-elect said that they are β€œvery optimistic, very enthusiastic, and very eager to work with the Ecuadorian people,” Lasso added and mentioned that their children and grandchildren are praying, and that family life will change a little, but it will continue nonetheless. Significant presence in professional life. (I)

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