Postdoctoral position offered in the Department of Food Science and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Chile

The Microencapsulation Laboratory, directed by Dr. Buzz Robert, invites highly qualified candidates to apply for a postdoctoral position. Our research focuses on the encapsulation of bioactive compounds and their applications in the food and nutritional industries.

Description of the situation

We are looking for an enthusiastic postdoctoral researcher with a collaborative spirit to join our team. The candidate should demonstrate expertise in bioactive packaging, in the following topics:

Synthesis, modification and structural characterization of biopolymers.
Encapsulation of biologically active compounds by applying different methods, characterization of their thermodynamic properties, crystallinity and stability.
Studies of biologically active releases and mathematical modeling in food matrices.
Bioactive release studies in in vitro simulated digestion systems.
Identification and quantification of biologically active compounds and metabolites by HPLC/MS-MS and GC/MS

The researcher will work on the winning projects in the laboratory with several undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, the postdoctoral researcher must teach a specialized elective for the Food Engineering degree according to the field of study, and support the Department of Food Science and Chemical Technology in various tasks.

The position is offered on a fee-based basis for a maximum of 3 years, subject to annual evaluation. The postdoctoral researcher is expected to apply to Fondecyt Regular, CORFO or other projects.

Applicant Requirements

Have a PhD degree (as of January 1, 2020).
It is preferable, but not exclusive, that the candidate has experience in X-ray techniques, 1H-NMR, 13C-MNR, calorimetry, polarized light microscopy, AFM, SEM, HPLC with different detectors including MS-MS, GC, AT-MS, FTIR among other techniques.
Availability to begin in the second half of 2024.

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To apply

Please send a detailed CV, letter of intent and a list of two references (with their names and email addresses) to [email protected]

Registration deadline

Applications will be received until Monday, July 8, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

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