Police officers face crime in their lives in this Netflix series

the Imagination is born from comics In this case, it’s the inspiration for a new audio-visual clip Corpsesa Netflix original series that brings Si Spencer’s work to the screen.

Who, as a British screenwriter and writer, collaborated with various illustrators to bring the graphic novel published by Vertigo in 2015 to life, Collection in four eras.

on condition underwearas the title of the work in the original English language, takes place in four years – 1890, 1940, 2014 and 2050 – to show the story of… It combines fantasy, drama and suspense.

Corpses | Netflix

Necessary components also in Area of ​​Chapter Eight Which features Spenser’s works, adapted for the screen by Paul Tomalin.

Someone who takes some creative license, Edit dates and some eventsbut trying to keep some short images while dividing the screen as squares.

Inspectors discover bodies

Corpses | Netflix

Although something major has been lost in the original work, since the series It does not completely replicate the unique setting Each period, was achieved through the works of its four different artists.

but, Corpses Fully engage the audience A complex criminal mystery which a quartet of London police inspectors must resolve at different times.

Sometimes something is obvious It can confuse the viewer This type of plot is more experienced with twists and puzzles, especially if the date and the hero change at every moment.

Corpses | Netflix

Although there is a number that becomes Story Motivator: Shahara Hassan (Amaka Okafor)a detective sent in the year 2023 to monitor a racist rally.

But it ends with the discovery of A dead body in longharvest alley, The naked man has a strange symbol on his arm and a fatal bullet wound in his left eye.

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The mysterious leader Elias Mannix

Corpses | Netflix

Something that could be an ordinary crime were it not for the fact that it is soon revealed that it is the same body, in the same place, and in the same position He appears in London at other times.

Thus, in 1890 they were found by Inspector Edmund Hillinghead (Kyle Soller), in 1941 by Charles Whiteman (Jacob Fortune Lloyd) and in 2053 by Iris Maplewood (Shira Haas).

Corpses | Netflix

The last detective in that near future He can walk thanks to an implant in his backWhich he received from the executive government in exchange for his professional loyalty.

Commitment that is tested when the boss is in chief, Commander Elias Mannix (Stephen Graham)He asks him for help and appreciation in the case of Longharvest’s body.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Mannix plays a crucial role in the events unfolding in other years, involving… The tragedy and name of Julian Harker.

As well as the Cappella Pellegrossa group, The phrase “You are worthy of love” The tribulations of each of the inspectors, and the good performance of those who embody them.

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