Pokémon Go players criticize 'worst' who only gives away one costume

Juan Ignacio Buscato

Pokémon Go players are criticizing one of the “worst things in any game” for only rewarding them with one costume at the end.

Progression in Pokémon Go is known to be difficult at times. Sometimes, players will fight their way through challenges that take hours and hours to complete.

The rewards of overcoming these challenges are not always worth it. Last year, one user reached level 50 and practically beat the game. His reward was “Mewtwo with the worst possible injection.”

Much to the dismay of the user base, even the less time-consuming grinds don't seem to offer anything worthwhile.

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Pokémon Go players criticize the reward for long training

in Recent Reddit threada user named IronMarch described the “Train 1000 Times” challenge as “one of the worst challenges in any game.”

Why are you so upset about the ace coach accolade? It requires Pokémon Go players to spend a significant amount of time training to get “one outfit” as a reward, which is excessive grinding. For a Reddit user, such a tedious task is not worth it at all.

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A quick look at the responses shows that many other players agree. One person said:I did this too. I will never change my ace suit after this torture“.

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Another person argued that the only reason this grinding takes so much effort is because “The gym mechanics that were initially associated with it no longer exist“.

However, other commenters have issued challenges that they believe deserve the crown of worst Pokémon Go games. “Top 200 friends who want to talk to you badge“One user commented.

Another fan remembered the famous 10,000,000 km medal from a few years ago.

It's clear that the Pokémon mobile game has a habit of asking too much from its players and offering too little in return.

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