A trick so you don’t get left in sight and don’t forget to answer

There are two types of users in The WhatsAppThere are those who answer in all their chats at the moment and there are those who do not answer their contacts, either because they don’t want to do it at the moment or because they forget, for the latter there is a trick.

Then we will tell you how to do this trick so you don’t do it Leave in to watch And don’t forget to reply in your conversations on The WhatsApp.

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Don’t leave the trick in the scene and don’t forget to answer

  • Before you begin, the application The WhatsApp It should be up to date, you can do this by visiting the App Store present in the operating system.
  • Access to the list of conversations The WhatsApp And press for two seconds on the conversation you want.
  • Once you select the conversation, tap on the three dots to open a menu offering different alternatives. You must choose the penultimate option and click on it: “Mark as unread”.
  • The conversation will now be “unread”. It will be possible to check because it will be a green circle and the time and/or day the message was received. Unlike already unread messages in which the number of received messages is shown in the green circle, when using the “Mark as unread” option, no number will be displayed.
Leave in to watch

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It is not necessary to install an external application, this function is available in a file The WhatsApp. Likewise, this trick is available for both iOS and Android, just check the app is updated.

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