PlayStation Network down; PS5 and PS4 players unable to play or use services

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Fortunately, the PlayStation Network downfall was short-lived. At the time of writing, Sony has already restored its services, so PS5 and PS4 users will no longer have problems playing games using the PlayStation Store and other apps in the brand’s ecosystem.

There is bad news for the players. Playstation 5 And Playstation 4Well, PlayStation Network. He fell It is impossible to use some of their services. According to the details, console users have Problems signing in, playing games, accessing PlayStation Store, and more.

At the time of writing, services are affected in various regions, including Latin America. Sony is expected to provide a fix in the next few minutes and restore PlayStation Network to working condition.

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PlayStation Network Services Not Working After Downtime

According to the brand’s support page, PlayStation Network has started experiencing issues with 8:46 AM this morningFor this reason, players have Problems logging in or creating an account To access the services.

Moreover, it is very likely that They can’t start their games or apps or use some network features.This includes games and online services like PlayStation Plus. We know that too. Difficulty accessing content from PlayStation Video.

Finally, users of both devices They cannot purchase, download, or search for content on the PlayStation Store.There are also issues with navigation and searching for content in the store. Sony confirmed that it is already working on a solution and thanked players for their patience.

PlayStation Network outage affects PS5 and PS4 players
PlayStation Network outage affects PS5 and PS4 players

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