“A Charlie alert from the US could influence elections in France or the UK.” Zelaya

“A Charlie alert from the United States could influence elections in France or the United Kingdom.” Zelaya

“The Charlie warning from the United States could influence the elections in France or the United Kingdom,” notes Adrian Zelaya, president of the Ikai Group, but he stresses that it is a matter of speculation because it is not known what data prompted the Biden administration to put it into effect. Moreover, he believes that “in France they are thinking about the risk of attacks before the Olympics” which could influence the elections or the new candidate.

“It’s one thing what they tell you and another thing is reality,” says Miguel Angel Temprano, a geopolitical and geoeconomic expert, because the secret services will not report the information they have received that generated this answer. But he stresses that the terrorists have indeed succeeded, because although their background is unknown, they have managed to get people talking about it.

“The Olympics have always provoked special security measures,” says José Luis Urilla, professor of contemporary history at CEU San Pablo University, because it represents an ideal setting for this type of armed group to carry out an action that can have a significant impact. At the same time, he stresses, “the problem is that groups organized with intelligence services can have a greater impact.”

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