Pique had secretly married Clara Chia, but he never did so with Shakira

Shakira and Gerard Piqué gave something to talk about after their split last year, Because of some betrayals that the former Barcelona player was exposed to while the Colombian was on her tours and concerts around the world.

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The separation caused the Barranquilla woman to leave Barcelona to move to Miami in the United States. There he relaunched his music career with hit songs like “El Jefe,” “TQM,” and “Music Sessions #53.”

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while Gerard Pique decided to start a business with his friend Ebay Lanús and created the League of Kings. In addition to continuing his love affair with Clara Shea.

Pique at his wedding with Clara Shea

In the past few hours, the former Barcelona player has once again become a protagonist in the European media after the startling revelation of his romantic relationship with the young Spanish woman.

According to a video clip circulated on social media, Gerard Pique and Clara Chia were married in a very private ceremony Where only those closest were.

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Apparently, The Catalan decided to do something spontaneous One day he woke up wanting to propose to his girlfriend. Something he never did when he was with Shakira.

I have news that will shake the world. Clara is married…“, he says in the video that went viral on social media. Although many Internet users confirm that it is a stolen video.

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Spanish media have not confirmed the news and have been analyzing the video since the audio It can be imposed on recent streams on Twitch.

It is also not unlikely that the clip was filmed with artificial intelligence. Which has recently become very popular and brings back, on some occasions, events that have never been tried before.

With a pulse of love and certainty, we decided that we did not want to waste another day. It is heard in the video: “We wanted to seal it together in an intimate ceremony, with the people closest to us, and we said yes, something that would change history forever.”


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