Philip from Edinburgh had a painful childhood. The crown also portrayed Elizabeth II’s husband

Philip Edinburgh Turned into 100 next June and only a few months after that happened, it is in the hospital For two weeks to receive treatment for infection; He was first admitted last February to King Edward VII Hospital, and this Monday he was transferred to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, where he remains under strict observation while receiving treatment. infection.

Husband Queen Isabel II Outstanding personality and racist to understand Monarchua Britain for more than six decades, has over the years become one of the most enigmatic members of the Royal family, Always in the background, behind the giant photo of monarch. His life passed among palaces far removed from interviews or great statements regarding his life.

However, recently a series Netflix the crown He wanted, and tried, to go a little deeper than what is known, and above all Duke of Edinburgh. Actors responsible for representing duke In Season 1 and 2, Matt Smith, and in Season 3 and 4, Tobias Menzies, sparked massive public interest by contemplating unknown aspects of his life. prncipe.

A painful childhood

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip. Photo: Instagram

Philip Edinburgh He had a cruel childhood that was shut down with the desertion of his family until the death of some of his close relatives Series He also neared his youth stage, in which he married his will-be monarch From UK, Second Isabel Until the development that has already happened Principe Consort. For this reason, the fictional series knew how to take advantage of the most unknown people in the world. Royal family And many of his tastes in his stages behind the walls of castles and even in some of the scandals for which he was famous in his life. Youth.

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The royal couple is in one of the palaces. Photo: Instagram

How Duke of EdinburghOr British society, and Squeezes Tabloid, asking yourself for behavior that is more in line with your situation; To bring your character profile to life, Creator the crownAnd the Peter Morgan, Based on various documentaries about the royal family, as well as published biographical data and books. Always with a touch of imagination to attract more audience’s attention. With these references, it is a childhood topic Prince of Edinburgh It was one of the most phased Series.

Felipe He is the son of Amir Andrs from Greece and Denmark And the princess Alice Battenberg. He was born on the Greek island of Corf in 1921 and since he was two years old his family has been forced to go into exile between France and Germany and United kingdom. He came to this country when he was only seven years old. The prince had dramatic experiences, such as when his father left for South France With her lover or when her mother enters a psychiatric hospital.

The Queen accompanied by Prince Charles and his wife Diana of Wales. Photo: Instagram

After the end of the program World War IIPhilip from Edinburgh applied for British citizenship, met and joined a young princess Elizabeth Royal Navy She adopted the mother’s surname, modified to English, Mountbatten. After marrying Isabel He was forced to give up his religion and loyalty Greece, Because of which he lost the title of Prince of Greece and Denmark. But despite the many accusations against his wife, Philip Edinburgh She ends up supporting her in everything, and eventually she finds a prominent place within Royal family.

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