Navarra, the 63rd region with the highest GDP per capita in the European Union

The five-year growth period before the Coronavirus did not allow Navara Compensation for lost land In the previous crisis. The autonomous community remains far from the most prosperous regions of Europe in terms of per capita income, according to Eurostat data, published on Wednesday.

Navarre It ranks 63rd in this index out of 245 regions It improves six places compared to 2018. However, the rise has a problem: the UK’s exit from European statistics has wiped out more than 40 regions, including some of the wealthiest areas, such as the London metropolitan area.

Navara’s position anyway Very far from what it enjoyed before the 2008 crisisWhen it became the 32nd region of the continent. More than 30 European regions, a large portion of which are in the heart of the continent, have surpassed the Autonomous Community, whose income is currently 11% above the European average.

The third community

Significantly in other areas of Spain but also in Navarra, the evaporation of an entire economic sector, such as the originator, had a complete impact on the total wealth of the country and regions. Thus, in what belongs to every inhabitant. In the case of 2018 and in Navarre, the total wealth of a community is divided among its inhabitants, corrected by purchasing power, at 34,700 euros, 1,000 euros more than the previous year.

The wealth devastation that began in 2008 and did not end until 2013 resulted in Navarra losing 37 places, a decline slightly higher than it recorded. Basque Autonomous Community and Madrid, The two regions that outperform him in this ranking. Also declining is Catalonia, the region that completes the list of Spanish regions that exceed the average European Union wealth of 28, which is 31,200 euros.

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The map shows the distribution of wealth in the European Union and also includes some of the most relevant changes in recent years. Czech Republic, led by Very strong investment from German multinationals, Is becoming one of the countries where the GDP per capita is growing the fastest and surpassing Spain.

And the A fictional arch begins in Ireland And this, after traveling through the heart of Europe, shows in northern Italy where the continent’s economic strength still exists. Areas in blue surrounded by shades of yellow generally correspond to capitals, which are focused on the headquarters of large companies.

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