Phil Spencer regrets what he said about Starfield

Not long ago, chief X-BoxAnd Phil Spencerappeared on the Kinda Funny podcast following the release of The Redfalland it is safe to say that the chat caused a stir in the community X-Box. We can say one of the most controversial comments elephant At that time the details were about starfield And what the game can exclusively achieve X-Box. Well, the manager has now addressed that comment, hinting that perhaps he should have phrased it differently.

During the interview at KF, elephant He said:

“There is no world in it starfieldIt’s 10/11 and people start selling PS5

As a way of emphasizing that, basically, X-Box It will be left behind Play Station In popularity at the moment, regardless of reception starfield. In a new interview, he addresses this comment from last month head-on:

“What I didn’t like about what you said is that quality games are very important to our strategy. Not that we get 11 out of 10 for starfield Not to be our target, though that’s a silly way to put it. I don’t know if I would use the review results as a measure of all quality. But do the best starfield It is totally our goal. I want to create the best games possible.”

Even if okay elephant He doesn’t exactly take back what he said in Kinda Funny, Chief X-Box He wants fans to know that building amazing games is an important part of the team’s strategy moving forward, as is expected of him Microsoft.

Anyway, though we’re not quite sure how it was received starfieldWe’re more sure than ever that Next RPG to Bethesda going to be huge for X-Box After the recent detailed presentation of the game developers.

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via: PureXbox

Editor’s note: Mock all you want, I saw a very honest statement from Phil Spencer after his release Redfall And the fact that he’s now coming out to say that part of what he said was wrong makes me think he was really shocked after seeing his progress. starfield And the response from the people, that’s good for Microsoft and its fans.

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