Peru government rejects Fujimori’s request for electoral audit انتخاب

Peruvian President Francisco Sagaste rejected Fujimori’s request for an international review of the second round of elections.

in Peru, The executive branch rejects the request Right-wing presidential candidate, Keiko Fujimori, was brought to international scrutiny in the second round of elections, winning the result by leftist Pedro Castillo.

In an official letter, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Eduardo Vega Luna, indicated that the alleged irregularities denounced by the Fuerza populist party should be addressed by the national election jury.

A response that represents a severe setback to Fujimori’s aspirations to reverse the results of the June 6 election or re-polling. He dismissed the government’s position as a great disappointment.

Fujimori asserts that despite the government’s disapproval, his fight is never ending. A battle that has moved from accusations of fraud without evidence so far and requests to annul electoral records, to street protests and even the publication of a letter from retired military officers asking activist leaders to ignore the declared president. by the National Elections Jury.

However, the jury intends to declare the president-elect in mid-July. It would probably be Pedro Castillo who won the poll by 44,000 votes. And 25 days before he was due to be sworn in, July 28, he presented his government’s priorities.

Most important, he says, is to create a constituent assembly to craft a new Magna Carta.

Castillo reiterated that among his first goals also was the fight against corruption, and an end to inequality in the country.

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