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Pep Guardiola, Manchester City managerHe stressed that he hopes “talent and skill” will dictate football in the future.

The Spanish coach gave an interview to Sky Sportsahead of Saturday’s game against Norwich City, in which he detailed what he hopes football will be in the coming years.

“I hope that talent and ability will determine the future of our football, It’s not that coaches tell you that if you want to be a better player, you have to go to the gym and then you’ll playGuardiola noted.

“When you can go two or three and put the ball in the top corner, that’s a quality, not going to the gym. I hope the streets of the UK, Brazil, Argentina and Spain, everywhere, will continue to produce talent that shows that this sport is precious.”

When asked about his impact on the match at a global level, Guardiola confirmed that he did not arrive at City thinking that something would change, nor when he was at Bayern Munich. “I want to influence my players, that’s all. I’m not arrogant enough to think I can control anything outside of my team.“.

“I remember years ago when a team won the World Cup and then everyone analyzed it and said that this would be the trend that would dominate football in the coming years. Everyone wants to copy the winner. This is wrong. Football is not about copying and pasting. I can’t copy and paste another coach I like into my team if I don’t believe in it. The coach succeeds in doing what he believes in“. (Dr)

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