Peel Ports Group and E.ON are embarking on the UK's largest solar project

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Peel Ports Group announced to E.ON As one of its partners, helping to achieve its goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2040. As the first in a series of projects, the installation of a solar energy system in Port of Liverpoolin addition to a future project to re-operate existing wind turbines in the region
Banks of the River Mersey with fewer and larger turbines.

This is the first phase of a 25-year deal between the two companies that will help Peel Ports Group reach its target of net zero emissions by 2040 and could install up to 63,000 solar panels on 26 buildings across the Port of Liverpool.

The panels can generate up to 31MW of renewable electricity and provide the same amount of energy as the annual needs of more than 10,000 UK homes. The exact number of panels and their generating potential will be confirmed in final designs, but the solar array is expected to be the largest of its kind in the UK and will generate up to 25% of the port's annual electricity needs.

Claudio Ferretero, CEO of Peel Ports Group He said: “We are proud to embark on this long-term partnership with E.ON and deliver this important project together, which will revolutionize the Port of Liverpool’s energy system. The ports of the future must become more sustainable environments, and we must play our part in a more considerate supply chain.” For the environment. “There is still work to do, but this project represents a major step for Peel Ports Group in reducing emissions and driving forward our ambition to become a net-zero emission port operator by 2040.”

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The solar panels will reduce the site's carbon dioxide emissions by more than 6,500 tons each year, which is equivalent to taking more than 2,250 cars off the roads.

The project is being financed and delivered by E.ON with solar panels underway and scheduled for completion in mid-2026. E.ON has committed to using local contractors wherever possible and will also look to work with local companies for the ongoing maintenance of the project. Period of 25 years.

The second phase of the deal will replace the port's five existing wind turbines with four new, larger turbines that will generate about 20 megawatts. This will put Peel Ports Group within reach of its ambition to power the Port of Liverpool exclusively with renewable energy generated on site, even at night and during the winter when solar panels do not produce as much energy.

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