Peacock will be the new home of the WWE Network in the United States

Before the pandemic, WWE was looking to transfer the rights to the PPVs to a larger OTT platform. This is after UFC managed to do the same with ESPN +, and grossed $ 150 million annually.

The WWE Network has only been relatively successful. Because its ceiling was about a million subscribers, And from now on there are no growth potential.

► WWE Network llega a Peacock

Present day, Variety reported that WWE has already reached an agreement with NBC Universal For the WWE Network to be broadcast by Peacock within the United States. What difference will there be? Really nothing for the users, except for the prices.

“Very excited that Peacock will be the new home of WWE Network in the United States, It will help bring premium WWE content (including WrestleMania) to a much larger audience, and give WWE Universe a wider view of Live sports, news, movies and TV.

Peacock costs $ 4.99 a month, which is half of the $ 9.99 that a WWE Network subscription currently costs.. However, 4.99 includes commercials. For the free commercial version there is Peacock Premium Plus, which costs 9.99, and in addition to the network you can access the entire platform catalog.

This will start from March 18th. And it will be – we repeat – only in the United States, because in the rest of the world the WWE Network will continue to be used in a normal way.

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Details of how much NBC Universal has paid WWE has yet to be released, but it will be interesting to see if any of that money will reach the wrestlers. Remember, when UFC signed with ESPN +, the fighters did not benefit, unlike in other sports.

In the case of the NFL, Players earn up to 48.5% of revenue. In the NHL, Hockey players get 50%. In the NBA, Basketball players get 51%. In the UFC and WWE they win what the companies want to offer them.

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