China will deepen its fight against corruption in 2021


Photo: CadenagramonteBeijing, January 25. The highest disciplinary body in China has agreed on the goals it will seek to achieve in 2021 to deepen the fight against corruption, which is the main risk factor in Communist Party rule.

The National Oversight Committee, attached to the party’s disciplinary arm, will ensure more strict adherence to the rules to ensure that “no hardliner, government official, or government official, has the space or desire to commit bad practices.”

According to a document approved on Sunday, the aforementioned entity will seek to uproot the formalities, bureaucracy, fun and extravagance of the country’s cadres, but it will also put the actions of relatives under the microscope.

You will attack those who take advantage of the charges for their own benefit and protect the rights of people in such cases.

Among other purposes, the commission will launch internal inspections to assess the self-discipline of Chinese leaders.

This body approved its goals for the year at the end of the three-day plenary session to examine last year’s work and define the current agenda for 2021.

At the opening of the meeting on Friday, the Head of State and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, warned that corruption remains the main enemy of that political force and that confronting it is more complicated by the coexistence of old and bad practices.

He called for strengthening the campaign against this scourge and keeping it away from sectors related to social care, such as education, public health and poverty alleviation.

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“The battle between corruption and anti-corruption efforts will continue for a long time to come … We must continue to move forward despite the difficulties,” he said.

When Xi assumed the presidency in 2012, he proposed consolidating China’s standing as a power, but internally one of the tasks he focused more on was purging the Communist Party and government of bad practices.

Since then, it has launched an unprecedented campaign aimed at exposing, from the grassroots to the highest levels, those engaging in behaviors that for years have destroyed the organization’s image in the public eye. (Xingramonte)

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