Parliament continues to investigate crimes against Venezuela – Prensa Latina

The head of the parliamentary committee charged with investigating the acts punishable by members of the former legislature confirmed that those involved in these actions would have to declare political responsibility.

The representative of the opposition stressed that the work of the legislative body will lead to other procedures that will be attended by the corresponding judicial bodies.

In statements to the press, Prieto reported that the Special Committee of the National Assembly had attended the day before the spokesmen of the NGOs, who provided figures on the impact of the coercive measures implemented by the United States against the country.

Condemning the billions of dollars in damages, the Venezuelan lawmaker said, “We have seen really impressive numbers, (…) when we saw how the numbers of people who are suffering and suffering are affected, it sure is on the move.” Sanctions promoted by Sectors on the Right.

Within the framework of the interrogation and inquiries circle promoted by the Legislative Committee, Britto confirmed next week the emergence of people directly affected by the crisis caused by the previous administration of Parliament.

Likewise, they will receive representatives of other NGOs wishing to participate in investigations, and persons identified will be mentioned as alleged perpetrators of juvenile subject to prosecution.

The investigations include, in particular, corruption scandals related to the theft of the republic’s assets that are widespread in opposition leader Juan Guaidó, recognized in 2019 as the responsible president by the US administration, Donald Trump.

Under the alleged power of the alleged parallel government, this political sector conspired to dispossess Venezuela’s overseas possessions, such as Citgo Oil Company (USA), Monómeros Petrochemical Company (Colombia), and the country’s gold reserves. The Bank of England.

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