Changes with the Spanish driver’s license in the UK

After Brexit, Spanish and British citizens face some doubts regarding Driving License They need to be able to navigate their travels. Since the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union, the rules themselves are no longer in effect as they were before it left the European Union. However, at least for the time being, the British power I was informed of it There are no changes For the purposes of Spanish drivers who travel there as visitors. They will be able to continue using their Spanish permit without having to apply for the international permit required in many other countries.

In case Inhabitants of Spain In the UK, if they were under the age of 70 when they obtained their residence permit, They can keep driving With a Spanish license until reaching that age, according to a report prepared by RACE. When you turn 70, This Spanish permit must be replaced by a British permit. It will only be necessary to fill out a form and Payment of fees the interview. exist ExceptionIf the Spanish permit was obtained by replacing it with one from a country other than the European Union, this permit will only work. For the year It must be changed by the British before that time.

There is also a lot Spanish students He settled in the British lands. In this case, all students can drive with a Spanish license While at strength Student permit. If your driver’s license needs to be renewed, you can Do this process Across Spain.

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Another case is that of students who do not have a Spanish driver’s license and want to obtain a British license. In this case, the minimum ability to sit the exam and obtain a UK permit is that the minimum stay as a student should be no less than 185 days.

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In case Tourists Those traveling in their car can do so without restrictions as long as they are Trading permit Spanish language for the car. If your driving license has expired while residing in the UK, you can apply for Swap for a British one Temporarily using the form.

In any case, from the Spanish Consulate in London, it is advised that all those interested in obtaining a Spanish driver’s license and using it in the United Kingdom visit the page DVLA Agency (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). You can find it Complete information All necessary procedures related to various driving licenses and trading.

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