Parlatino calls for ethical use of AI

A statement from the regional legislature highlights the approval of a declaration on the importance of this technology at the Inter-Parliamentary Conference, but at the same time warns that AI is becoming ubiquitous and new devices, resources and systems are emerging that rely on it, which calls for the need to confront it and develop it according to ethical standards.

The text notes that the use of biased data from AI systems could perpetuate discrimination rather than eliminate it in a society already marked by social, economic, technological and digital differences and gaps.

According to the document, the responsible use of this digital technology can contribute to achieving the goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

On the subject, Parlatino’s president, Cuban MP Rolando Gonzalez, pointed out that we must look to the world and move with it, with an agenda for the future.

At the conference, the Director of Digital Transformation at the Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean (CAF), Eduardo Mauricio Agudelo, gave a keynote speech on aspects of designing AI policies and the responsible use of this digital technology in this sector.

The event was attended, among other personalities, by the President of the Honduran Congress, Luis Redondo; the President of Parlaméricas, Blanca Ovelar; the President of the Uruguayan Chamber of Deputies, Ana Olivera; the Directors of the Amazon Parliament and the Vice President of the Peruvian Congress, Luis Arturo Alegría García, among others.


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