Meeting to care for our marine ecosystems

Together we can transform our admiration for nature into an active commitment to its preservation. Because in the union of arts and sciences, we too can discover the path to a sustainable future filled with natural beauty.

from Balmaceda Young Art We believe that art, in addition to opening new horizons and improving people’s quality of life, can become an ally of scientific dissemination to preserve marine ecosystems. In this spirit, we are today starting a strategic alliance with Fisheries Development Institute (Evobe) which we hope will have a positive impact on our communities and regions.

the next July 12 This will be an important event for our community in the Los Lagos area. Art and science will come together at the Balmaceda Arte Joven gallery for the opening of the exhibition “immersion: Photographing marine diversityan event to promote and enhance the care of our ecosystems, enjoy the beauty underwater, and celebrate the National Cooperation Agreement with IFOP.

In a critical local context, where biodiversity conservation and environmental quality protection of coastal marine ecosystems are promoted. Indigenous coastal marine spaces They are in constant danger and are essential components of human well-being. We believe it is more necessary than ever. Look at the sea again from a community perspective with a special focus on raising awareness regarding the care of this resource for present and future generations.In this challenge, art, and photography in particular, can play a fundamental role.

because “We can’t care about what we don’t know.“In a world where oceans cover most of the Earth, it is fitting to show what lies hidden in those depths. Underwater photography brings us closer to marine ecosystems, and serves as a window into a wonderful and unknown world that deserves our attention and protection..

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In the face of increasingly urgent environmental challenges, photography emerges as a bridge between scientific knowledge and public awareness. Such as Joel Sartor It has masterfully captured the terrestrial biodiversity of Photo Arc Projector as James Balogh It has been visually documented. The impact of climate change on glaciersUnderwater photography in our region can reveal the beauty and fragility of our marine ecosystems. Release images that inform, inspire and mobilize action.

immersionIt will then provide an intimate look at the underwater wealth of our region and open a space for environmental reflection and education.By showcasing marine biodiversity through the artistic lens, we seek to engage the viewer’s curiosity, awaken a sense of shared responsibility, and expand the impact of our initiatives nationwide.

We believe that the union of arts and science can amplify the message of environmental conservation, reaching both specialized audiences and society at large..

At a time when the climate crisis demands urgent responses, marine diversity photography reminds us and underscores the need to protect these fragile ecosystems for future generations. Every photo taken is a reminder that the health of our seas is inextricably linked to our collective well-being..

So, we invite you to join this celebration of art and science, where each image will serve as a call to action, and a voice to defend our oceans. Together we can transform admiration for nature into an active commitment to its conservation.Because in the union of arts and science, we can also discover the path to a sustainable future filled with natural beauty.

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Columnist: Francisca Paris, Director Balmaceda Arte Joven Los Lagos

Image credit:Photo Gallery Immersion: Maria Diversity PhotographyNto”

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